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Gordon Burnham, author, musician


Gold Line

Guitar, Tamboura, Drums"Music alone can take you to the highest"
- Swami Vivekananda

Experience the transformative power of sacred chants. All are welcome to join in the singing of call and response chants from the Hindu, Buddhist and Native American traditions. Most of the chants are Sanskrit words with original or traditional melodies. We encourage all to join and ask only that you be sensitive to the music, listen deeply and respond from your heart.

Music is an incredibly powerful channel for healing and experiencing the Divine within us. World renowned scholar and sage from India, Swami Vivekananda said, "music alone can take you to the highest". "Kirtan" is the Sanskrit word for a group musical expression of the Divine Spirit within.

Chanting ancient mantras and prayers allows us to tune our whole being, mind, body, and Spirit to the One Source, to the One God. "Kirtan" is a Sanskrit word for group musical expression of the Divine Spirit within. Traditionally, it is a call and response form where the singer sings a line and the group repeats it. This way there are no verses to memorize and all can join.

Chanting together as one, we raise the level of our own vibration to a high spiritual state where we can actually feel and experience our Divine nature. Chanting is possibly the most effective means of directly experiencing our spiritual nature.

Gordon was music director at the Vedanta Centre in Cohasset, Massachusetts for twenty years. He was given this position and a spiritual name, "Jaidev" by his teacher Srimata Gayatri Devi. He shared his music and lead kirtans in the Temple of the Universal Spirit there and at the Ananda Ashrama in La Crescenta, CA. He also taught Music Therapy at Northeastern University in Boston and has given workshops, kirtans and concerts throughout the U.S. in spiritual centers and churches including Interface, Boston, Unity Village, Kansas City and Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento.



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